About Penny

Penny was brought to life because one of our founders witnessed first hand the problems and struggles his wife faced while building a sustainable Direct Sales business.

As her business grew it was apparent to see that she was not alone in roadblocks she was facing, everyone had the similar problems. David and his Co-founder, Chris, had built successful careers in the technology industry and were confident they could deliver a beautifully designed, intuitive app that can intelligently manage and complete the necessary (yet time consuming) tasks for consultants.

David and Chris often joke that Penny is the next best thing to buying time, but we think they’re right. Their vision is for Penny to give consultants their time back—so they can focus energies where it’s needed most.

As you’d imagine, this is not a simple thing to accomplish. While Chris and David were the first two that stayed up all night in the beginning, it’s the team of extremely talented engineers and designers that have come together to create the magic each consultant feels when they open Penny. Collectively, we have have built solutions for some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, including: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Hootsuite, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Adidas. Now they are dedicated, working day in and day out to make your life that much better.

Our vision and Penny’s brilliance is fuelled by your feedback, thoughts, ideas and comments, so please share and share often!

Thank you for the opportunity to support you and your vision.

We can’t wait to help your business grow!

Everyone at Penny