About Penny

Penny was brought to life from witnessing first hand the struggles of building a direct sales business.

In 2016, our founder’s wife’s direct sales business was growing at an incredible pace. David witnessed first hand his wife’s struggle to effectively manage her time, organize her daily activity and provide amazing customer service... all while raising three children. One afternoon she jokingly said “I need an assistant to organize my life and tell me what to do!”... which gave David the idea.

David and his co-founder Chris quickly recognized that their experiences developing business and social technology for companies like Microsoft and Hootsuite could be applied to solve similar problems for independent consultants globally. A few days later Penny was born.

Fast forward to today, our team is on a mission to develop brilliant technology that inspires action, builds momentum and creates belief for the tens of thousands consultants that trust Penny to manage their business.

Meet the Team

Melissa Trottier

Customer Support

Chyk Pea

Back-end Engineer

Mark Hughes

Head of Sales

Chris Noble


David Abbey


Andrew Draper

Head of Product

Danny Beton

Front-end Engineer

Paula Pemberton

Back-end Engineer

Dana Padoin

Data Scientist

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