Make every consultant


The intelligent, workflow-automation platform for direct sales consultants.


is not a strategy...

consultants know where to start nurture their customers know how to upsell share compliant content is not a strategy.



know where to start

share compliant content

nurture their customers

know how to upsell

is not a strategy.

Focusing on the customer experience

with technology that inspires action, builds momentum and creates belief is a strategy.

Using AI & automation, Penny creates scalable & repeatable processes that strengthen Customer Relationships.

Customer Care Cycle

The "always on" assistant that...

Increases consultant success & shortens time to revenue

She guides consultants through a series of touchpoints, increasing the lifetime value of the consultant and customer.

Ensures trust & compliance at scale

She audits scripted messaging & saved content to ensure on-brand content and compliance.

Identifies churn risk before it impacts the organization

She monitors trends and identifies opportunities to optimize engagement & increase retention.

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