Why Penny

From the consultant to the executive team, your entire organization benefits.


VP of Sales

It's simple for consultants to use, more importantly it solves my two biggest problems; revenue and retention.


Using AI to monitor and correct saved content to ensure compliance is worth my weight in gold!!!


They have modern technology that's highly secure, are easy to work with and do the heavy lifting to integrate — what's not to love?!

Customer Support

Because of better customer service from consultants I deal with less issues



Penny allows me to build my team more efficiently because of repeatable processes that focus on the customer experience.


I'm able to engage with more customers, in less time and build my business faster while I'm still employed.


Penny creates my daily activity list, making it easy to understand how to work my business in small windows of time throughout my day.


When I work, Penny tells me exactly where to focus my efforts, making it easier to get a few extra sales each month.

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